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You Made Stepdadding a Top Step-Parenting Site

Well, I realized a few weeks ago the site had been added to VoiceBoks.com’s list of top-50 step parenting sites. I’d been traveling and happy man wearing pijamashadn’t been checking all of my (seven different) email accounts. The nomination also put the site into the poll for top-ten step-parenting sites. I checked out the list and realized the voting had started two weeks earlier. Stepdadding was way behind the rest of the pack -with just TWO VOTES. My mind was a buzz, but my first thought was “Wow. Two votes. I wonder who voted for me?”

I quickly shifted gears and started pestering every friend, associate, family member and fraternity brother in my address book to vote for the site. I’m sure I was more than annoying, but I love this website and I’m proud of the help it provides men and their families. I wanted to shout from the rooftops and let the world know it made the top-50 list! Instead, I Facebooked, Tweeted and emailed. I talked to friends I ran into on the street and I chatted up waitresses and patrons at the local diners. I asked anyone who’d listen to vote for the site. I enlisted the help of my old high school buddy Rob Dodd, who pestered his friends and family and EVERYONE on his Facebook list to vote for Stepdadding. (Thanks Dodd, you’re a great friend). My cousin Sharon and my oldest friend Jessica also pitched in from different corners of the country. It means a great deal to me, getting that kind of support. They know how much I love what I do. It’s nice that it means something to them too.

The poll ended last night and the results were posted today. I’m proud to say we made a heck of a comeback. Stepdadding is the #2 site voteon the list and the ONLY SITE exclusively dedicated to helping Stepdads and their families succeed! I wanted to thank all of you who tolerated my nagging, and begging and took the time to vote. Your support means a great deal to me. I haven’t been happy about a second-place finish since I got my first red ribbon in a footrace at the age of nine. In that contest, I have to admit there were only two of us racing.

You may have noticed we always capitalize “Stepdad” here. That won’t change. Stepdads are an honorable group of men who don’t always get the appreciation they deserve. We’re too often judged by the worst members of our group, instead of being measured by the average member. Stepdads are a great bunch of men with a difficult set of challenges. They deserve respect for the efforts they make. You’ll always get that respect here, guys!

Thanks for continuing to read Stepdadding.com. I’ll continue to assure we keep presenting the best content for Stepdads and the best tools for success!

Stacey James Wheeler, Founder of Stepdadding

South Lake Tahoe, CA 6/9/2014: The stepdad resource site Stepdadding.com has been added to VoiceBoks.com’s list of top

Stacey James Wheeler
Stacey James Wheeler

step parenting sites. The site joined 49 other blogs and websites to receive the top-fifty honor and was voted to the #2 spot in the list. VoiceBoks -a parenting resource site- nominates websites in several categories each year and allows the public to voice their opinion on which they like the most. The voting for the best step-parenting site lasted 30 days and closed on June 8th.

Stacey James Wheeler, the founder of the stepdadding.com and is excited about the nomination. “Our readers tell us how much they love the sight and the information we share. But we don’t spend much money promoting it. Most people who visit the site are directed there by other readers, so I’m fired up when we get this kind of attention.”

Wheeler is the author of The Stepdad’s Guide, Resolving Family Conflict, says he launched the site to help other step-dads overcome the challenges he says usually come with the job. “I want to help men and their families struggle less and succeed more” says Wheeler. “There are more remarried single moms than ever before. Stepdads face unique challenges. The need for tools and info is more in demand but access to the information didn’t get better. So I decided to launch Stepdadding.com. It’s important for men to be well-equipped for the job. The site is meant to give these dads a better chance at success.”

The final results of the poll can be viewed at VoiceBoks.com. Links to the other top-50 sites are listed there.


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