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Dont Stop

The Stepdad Who Refused to Quit

“Parenting is the greatest pay it forward system on earth. We don’t owe our parents anything. We owe our children everything. The same was true for our parents. The same will be true for our children.” ― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

Stepdadding.com was launched with the understanding that Stepdads need all the help they can get and a belief that they shouldn’t have to pay for it. A few months back the site nominated at one of the top Stepdad Blog sites on the internet! I was honored by this recognition.

Stacey James Wheeler
Stacey James Wheeler

I nearly failed as a Stepdad and Husband because (like most Stepdads) I didn’t have the tools I needed. I didn’t understand the forces that were effecting my marriage. Each year as many as 76% of so-called ‘blended families’ fail. That means we fail abut TWICE AS OFTEN as biological families. I was about to fail too. But I’m passionate about things that matter. I didn’t give up. I figured out how to succeed. Because I stubbornly held on, today my wife and I are closer than ever.

How did we save our marriage and family?

  1. Two years of research
  2. Changing the way we talk
  3. A commitment to constant improvement!

Golf and marriage: You only get better with practice

golf-304405_640Once I discovered the underlying issues nearly all remarried parents deal with, it became much easier to minimize the struggles. My wife and I stopped arguing over the petty things. These were just symptoms of the real problems. We learned to find the true issues and we focused on those. It was a game-changer! You can get miraculous results when you know what’s really broken.

Helping Men and Families Succeed

I wanted to share what I’d learned, so I leveraged some credit cards and bought a little website called Stepdadding.com.  Another Stepdad started it a few years earlier. His story was familiar. His relationship failed because he wasn’t prepared for the challenges of being a Stepdad. The site was up for grabs. I wanted to help families succeed and I wanted to inspire Stepdads to be proud of the great job they do.  This labor of love has grown beyond my best hopes since the day I asked my brilliant friend David Blankenship to help me re-build and re-launch the site. That little lunch meeting developed into the most-visited online resource site for Stepdads!

The response has been spectacular. Our traffic consistently increases and we’ve been visited by Stepdads and families on every inhabited continent. Each month people in about 150 countries visit the site. The emails we get inspire me to continue to work hard for all the Stepdads out there.

All Hands on Deck!

Today Stepdadding is more than just what I DO, it’s who I am! It’s a labor of love for me and my wife Amber. Even my kids are getting involved. My oldest daughter, Chastity is featured in our Recipe For Family Bonding video series. My youngest daughter, Kat has started writing articles from a step-kid’s perspective. My son, Brandon shares his perspective too. It’s a family focus and it’s brought us all closer together.


My studies led to a research paper that became a book; The Stepdad’s Guide –Resolving Family Conflict. After that things really took off. I’ve been featured in other author’s books and articles, and interviewed for radio programs and podcasts. I’ve been invited to speak at conferences. It’s been an honor to be recognized by so many professionals who care about good parenting and strengthening the family.

The most-recent honor came from VoiceBoks.com, when they recognized Stepdadding.com as a top parenting blog site. My personal goal is to make Stepdadding.com a fully-funded, fully staffed site providing daily information and inspiration to Stepdads and families. It’s a great compliment to be recognized for the positive results and effort that’s gone into the site. It’s not possible to measure the full effect the site has had, but this kind of recognition reminds me it’s making a difference. It also brings me closer to my goal.

Thank you for visiting and reading Stepdadding.com. Please continue to share this free resource with your friends, family and co-workers. The site’s mission is my personal commitment to you:

Our Commitment

“Stepdadding.com will deliver valuable and useful tools & information to help Stepdads and families succeed. We will deliver a positive message of information & inspiration –without cost to our readers.”

Keep Smiling –and Stepdad on!

Stacey James Wheeler -Founder

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