What Is Your Role As A Step Dad?

As a new stepfather, it can be intimidating to assume the role of a positive influence in your family. It’s easy to get caught up in old habits but use our website as a resource to help you with the transition.

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Al Mein and Joe Jacinto (courtesy of Dena Jacinto)

Stepson’s Sacrifice to Recover Stepdad’s Body

Baja, Mexico 5/5/2013-on July 3, 2011 the 115 foot ship known as Erik sank in the Sea of Cortez with 27 Northern California

The Erik in calmer seas
The Erik in calmer seas

fishermen on board. Nineteen survived, one was recovered and seven could not be found. Al Mein, was among the missing -and presumed dead.  Hope was lost. The seas had been high that day -20-40 feet high. A few had been seen fleeing the doomed ship, but not Mein, who was known to be below decks. At 61 years of age, Al Mein was gone… but not forgotten. Mein left behind a wife and extended family. Among those left behind was his 46 year old Stepson, Joe Jacinto. Joe Knew Al’s life was lost, but it bothered him to think of the fate of Al’s body; to be in a dark place for eternity. The ship was gone. No one could say for sure of it’s exact location, but Joe was willing to risk it all to make sure his Stepdad didn’t spend eternity beneath the waves. His story inspired the staff of Stepdadding.com.

Read the entire story here.

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