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Stepdad: News Villains



For several years I’ve subscribed to Google news feeds. This service gives you the ability to have links to news stories sent directly to your email. By selecting key words you can subscribe to stories on specific topics. I’ve been following the keywords: Stepdad, Step Kids, Step Son, Step Daughter, Blended Families, and Parenting Statistics. I follow these news feeds to find interesting and uplifting examples to share with our readers.

A Painful Daily Task

This morning I (once again) considered unsubscribing from a few of the notifications. Each morning I look over the news stories for something uplifting… and each morning I become frustrated and a bit depressed. Stories of abuse, assault and murder in Stepdad families dominates the news feed. The nature of news reporting puts good stories behind stories that are shocking.

Of the hundreds of millions of Stepdads, abusive Stepdads are a small, disgusting percentage. But they dominate the news! Stories of loving step fathers or step children whose lives have been improved are a non-news item and rarely make it into the news feed. Stepson News Feed

But there are good stories. One out of about 20 stories has a positive twist. We shared the story of Oregon State lindebacker DJ Welch, who changed the name on his jersey to honor his Stepdad. We told you about Joe Jacinto, who spent thousands of dollars to recover his Stepdad’s body after he was lost in in fishing boat accident. And we shared the story of a Utah Jazz basketball player who attributes his success to his Stepdad’s belief in him.

Stepdads need more stories like these. The stories help us recharge our batteries. They remind us the job we do each day is important. That, even though it’s a hard road sometimes, we really can make a difference in our kids’ lives. So each day I break out a Kleenex and open the news feed, looking for a nugget of good news to share with you.

 A Better Man

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. Stepdads are extra special! We choose to be dads to children we could just as easily walk away from. Don’t forget you are good men, guys! You’re a member of a group of very special men. Yes! It’s can be very hard at times, but you have an honorable position.

You have joined the ranks of other great Stepdads:

George Washington

Julius Caesar

Mickey Rooney

…and many others!dad trophy2

Keep pushing forward. We may be a misrepresented group, but you know who you are. Keep working to improve your parenting skills. Keep being the best parent you can. Be proud to be a Stepdad. We took on a hard job with little recognition for our effort.  We don’t expect a trophy. We do it for the good of our kids and the love of our wives. The wages we are paid are in little ‘thank you’s’ and priceless moments. Some time in the not to distant future one of your kids will let you know you made a difference in their lives. It will fill you with pride, joy and happiness. And you’ll know it was all worth it.

Keep smiling and Stepdad on!

Stacey James Wheeler –Founder of Stepdadding.com



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