What Is Your Role As A Step Dad?

As a new stepfather, it can be intimidating to assume the role of a positive influence in your family. It’s easy to get caught up in old habits but use our website as a resource to help you with the transition.

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Stepdad is a life-long commitment

HUFFINGTON POST- Fighting For Custody of My Stepfather–  When a child’s parents split up, it’s tough on her. When an adult’s parents split up it, it can be confusing. When an adult’s Stepdad and mom split up it can make her wonder if she just lost her dad. This is a great article was written by a woman who was in her 30s when her parents split up -and shows how much uncertainty a stepchild can have about where she stand with her Stepdad -even as an adult.  ‘Dad’s, your kids may not always tell you what they’re feeling- but rest assured they are feeling something, whether expressed out loud or not. Good Stepdads make a life-long commitment to their kids.

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