If you’re a Stepdad looking for a place to go where you can 6 Minute Stepdadhave a real conversation about all the joys and challenges that come with your role, “The Six Minute Stepdad” the right place.  I’m proud to join Tim Watson each week for his no-topics-off-limits podcast.

This excellent show offers the support and answers from others who can identify with you. Each week Tim interviews other Stepdads and explores the different challenges found at each phase of the blended family journey; from those who just stepped into the role, to empty nesters. You’ll find the support you’re looking for.

And moms- you’re welcome to stop by, too.  You’re one of the key factors in marriage’s success! By sharing our experiences, concerns, and questions, we’ll gain a positive community of like-minded authentic Stepdads. We’ll connect and relate- finding out what makes us truly “us,” gaining invaluable insight. We’ll hear real-world stories, get tried and true advice, and real answers. We’ll laugh…and maybe even cry. It’s the real deal. So, as Tim says, “Pull up a chair and have a seat at the table. Let’s talk!”


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