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August 2013

New Milestone for Stepdadding.com

Highest Readership to Date

Stepdadding.com has been serving the needs of moms, dads and kids in blended families since 2008. We’re proud that people around the globe have visited the site and found relevant information to help them succeed.

In September we celebrate a new milestone. Today we’ve reached more countries and readers than ever before. In the past 30 days Stepdadding.com was visited by people in 76 countries. People are staying longer, visiting more often and sharing the site with other blended families. Stepdadding.com is being read on every inhabited continent!

We understand that Stepdads around the world struggle with the same challenges. We’ll keep working to use the tools available to make sure the content on Stepdadding.com is easy to access for families everywhere. No matter what language you speak, we all speak “family.”

Thanks for continuing to share Stepdadding.com with your friends and family.

Stacey James Wheeler

Founder of Stepdadding.com

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