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How To Adopt A Step-Child

Over the years I’ve gotten a  lot of mail on the topic of adoption. Laws vary from state to state and from province to province, and legal questions demand specific answers.

Affordable Adoption
Affordable Adoption

The staff at Stepdadding.com aren’t attorneys, so it’s been challenging to answer some of the questions we get.

I recently found a great way to help many couple in the US looking at adoption as an option. Adoptions are costly. They can cost as much as a good used car but there are ways of reducing the cost. If the biological parent is out of the picture, has abandoned the child or is willing to sign over his parental rights  you can do an adoption for a fraction of the cost of using a lawyer. I thoroughly checked out a company called My Adoption Forms and was excited to see what they can do for blended families. They make adoption simple by providing all the documents you need to complete the process. And the cost is less than the average car payment!

I’ve got my eyes open for a similar service that can help our readers in Canada, The UK and Australia. If you know of any please post a reply below. For those in the US, whether you’re looking for a traditional adoption or an adoption of an adult child, this site can help.


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