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As a step family, it can be intimidating to assume the role of a positive influence in your family. Our 10 commandments for blended families will provide insight to help you along the way.

Be ready to do some reading

Good Reads

From time to time we come across a book we know we should share. Bringing up Boys of Character – 12 Core Virtues Decoded for Boys 4-9 by Joshua Kissee, M.Ed is Bringing up Boys of Charachter-2one such book. In a world with a dwindling amount of virtue and an mentality that money equals success, the messages in this book are particularly valuable. This is a great book for fathers struggling to raise sons with a sense of honor and virtue.

Published in mid-2013, this book is currently has a 4 1/2 star rating on Amazon. The book gives tips and tools for dads looking for answers. One reviewer said “I enjoyed reading this book and I loved that the book had actual activities and examples of how to teach the character aspects. It was very educational and explained this well.” We like that too.

Another notable feature of the book is that it gets to the point quickly. Kissee kept the book to just 75 pages! At $2.99 (US) for the digital edition, this book is less than you’ll spend on a cup of coffee and ten times more powerful. Well done, Mr. Kissee!

Stepdads will find these lessons as valuable as biological fathers. DNA isn’t a requirement to be a positive influence in a young man’s development. Get a copy today.

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Joshua Kissee is the father of five boys and the founder of ManBuilders.com.

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