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Four Young Men Caught on Camera in NJ -Being Good

Wayne, New Jersey USA Aug. 28, 2013-

It’s was dark night in Wayne NJ when four college football player entered a closed store. They found the front door unlocked and had no problem gaining access. They walked right in. Half of the lights were on, so it wasn’t hard to find what they were looking for. The grabbed what they wanted and headed for the door.
The grainy surveillance footage showed what happened next, that left  people stunned.

WayneNJ3Realising there was no one manning the register, they stopped …and left money on the counter for their items before the left. This story starts like far too many other headlines… but it ends so much nicer! Paying for what they wanted got these guys got national attention this week.

Stepdadding.com salutes these these impressive young men -and the parents who raised them. Good parenting is a lifelong gift you give your kids. In a world where the news is mostly depressing, it’s refreshing to see a story that ends like this. It’s sad though, that doing the right thing has become so uncommon that now it’s worth a headline. 

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