What Is Your Role As A Step Dad?

As a new stepfather, it can be intimidating to assume the role of a positive influence in your family. It’s easy to get caught up in old habits but use our website as a resource to help you with the transition.

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Bruce Jenner gets special Father’s Day wishes from step-daughters

CALIFORNIA- The Mighty Bruce has a good thing going. In May he received Esquire Magazine’s Father of The Year award.  You rarely ever see a Stepdad given such a public honor that so it’s easy to appreciate that kind of moment. Jenner can now count a few additional great Stepdad moments to his Esquire award. Like icing on a cupcake, his step-daughters have posted very kind public messages to their Stepdad for Father’s Day.

Most people don’t realize that Bruce Jenner has been a part of his (now famous) daughter’s lives for over 20 years, having married their mom in 1991. That means the youngest daughter Khloe Kardashian was around six years old and her older sister Kim, about ten when Jenner became their mom’s husband. This is an important fact for guys to remember because it underlines an important point. When you become a surrogate father to younger kids there are no guarantees that they’ll ever regard you as “dad”. It’s also vital to remember that it doesn’t matter if they do. What does matter is how you help them develop into good people. Keep being good dads. You’ll keep getting good results.

Happy Father’s month!

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