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Joel W. Hawbaker

Big Changes… But All Good

Starting in November, 2019 there will be a change in leadership at Stepdadding.com. the new managing editor will be Joel W. Hawbaker. Joel is a blended family advocate, a professional speaker, coach, and author.

Joel is divorced and remarried, and he lives less than two miles from his ex-wife and her second husband. Joel has been a part of a blended family most of his life: his parents divorced when he was in middle school, and his mother started dating his stepfather a year later. As an adult, Joel went through a divorce in his late-twenties and remarried in his early thirties, so he understands the unique challenges of blended family parenting, first-hand.  

From his experience in a blended family both as a teenager and as an adult with children, and through working with other blended families, he has learned many lessons, principles, and common mistakes. His mission is to help blended families build bridges from frustration to cooperation and from negativity to positivity. Joel’s a well-regarded speaker on the topic of parenting and family.  He’s spoken at high schools, colleges, churches, family conferences, corporate events, fundraisers, and leadership events throughout the southeast. He has been featured on more than 50 podcasts, and he is currently working on a book about blended family life.

He lives in Alabama with his wife, his two daughters, and their rescue dogs, Bruiser and Butterscotch.

Joel W. Hawbaker and Family

I launched Stepdadding.com in 2012 with the intention of giving blended family parents a place to find information and inspiration. We succeeded! Today Stepdadding is viewed each month by parents around the globe. Seven years ago I had no idea how powerful this journey would be. I’ve received emails from dozens of countries since we launched, proving that the blended family challenge is truly global. It’s been humbling, knowing what we’re doing here makes a difference in the lives of families. We’ll continue to be a resource for all of you.

Stepdadding has been a labor of love since the day I launched the site. This change has been coming for a few months and it’s been harder than I expected to say goodbye. I’m excited to be handing the reins over to a man of Joel’s talents and passion. Knowing you’re in good hands makes it easier to step away. I’m looking forward to watching as he leads the site and all you loyal readers to the next evolution. 

Thank you all for the memories -and for making Stepdadding an award winning site.

Stacey James Wheeler

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