What Is Your Role As A Step Dad?

As a new stepfather, it can be intimidating to assume the role of a positive influence in your family. It’s easy to get caught up in old habits but use our website as a resource to help you with the transition.

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Bad times / Good times: Stepdad and son serve together in Afghanistan.

FORT CAMPBELL, KY. — One Stepdad has found a unique way to bond with his step son; by serving together in a war zone.  Bonding surely wasn’t a focus for Chief Warrant Officer Shawn Eppard, a Blackhawk helicopter pilot and Stepdad. His wife Hilda Eppard says of CWO Eppard and her son Pfc. Christopher West, “They are like best friends.” Many Stepdads, who have had issues with their sons and discipline might wonder what it must feel like to have their sons salute them. Here’s one Stepdad who knows that feeling, but not commenting.

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