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A Christmas Gift for Dad That Keeps On Giving

A guest post by Dad Guru, Hogan Hilling – Author of Pacifi(her): What She’s Thinking When She’s Pregnant

Hogan Hilling
Hogan Hilling


Christmas will soon be upon us once again. One of the holiday traditions is to show gratitude to the people we cherish and love by showering them with gifts.  One of those people is your husband -father figure in your home, who I will refer to as Dad.

Several weeks before the eventful day of December 25th millions of moms will endure traffic jams on the street and shopping malls.  Moms will struggle to find that one special gift to place under the Christmas tree that will light up a Dad’s face.

The choice of classic gifts for a dad vary from a coffee mug, personalized DAD t-shirt, tech device, brief case, shaving kit, gloves, pen, golf accessory, videos, alcohol, tools, sports memorabilia, gun, rifle……and all things masculine. The challenge is not only to decide which gift to purchase but also affordability.

But alas I have a suggestion for a special, unique gift dad will appreciate and every mom can afford. It is a gift that does not require you to spend any time battling street traffic and foot traffic at the mall because you can’t find it in a store.  It’s a gift that doesn’t cost anything except a pen, sheet of paper and an envelope.  And it is also priceless.  It’s a gift that comes from the heart.

Before I tell you what the gift is I’d like to challenge you to view Christmas in a different way this year.  I will begin with a story a dad shared with me.

Al is a very involved and hands on dad.  One day he finally convinced his wife, Jessica, to take time off from her motherly duties and spend some alone time or with friends on a Saturday morning.  Jessica left the house at 8 am and planned to return sometime after lunch.

When Jessica returned home at 1pm she arrived to find Al, and their two daughters, Madison (6) and Jackie (4), in the family room still wearing their pajamas.  Al was combing Madison’s hair and Jackie was playing with her new doll and tea set.  All three had smiles on their faces, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.Pajamas

Jessica was not happy.  “Why are you and the girls still wearing pajamas?  The house is a mess!  Look at that kitchen!  What have you three been doing all day?  I’m gone for 5 hours and the place is a disaster.  Thanks a lot honey!  Now I have to spend the rest of the day cleaning up!”

Here is what Al shared with me.  “Hogan, I couldn’t understand why my wife got upset.  Yes, I understand the house was not as clean as she would have wanted when she came home.  But I didn’t do it on purpose.  I was having so much fun with the girls I forgot about the time, dressing the girls and cleaning the house.  Why couldn’t she have focused on the smiles on our face, and how happy the girls and I were?  Why couldn’t she have invited herself to join us and spend time as a family together?  What is more important a clean house or a happy family?  I would have been happy to clean up the mess with her later.  I work hard during the week and there isn’t much time for me to spend with our children.  It would have been nice to have my wife thank me for giving her time off from being a mom and my effort to spend time with our children. I’m really confused and frustrated.”

The special gift I suggest you place under the Christmas tree or in the stocking is the following letter:

My Dearest Husband,

Here is my special Christmas gift to you.

From this day forward I will embrace your role as a dad by following these simple “12 Days of Christmas” rules.

1.        I will accept the fact that you parent differently than a mom.  And that you’re priorities are also different than mine.  How a dad parent’s is not wrong, just different.

2.       I will focus on “what” you do and not “how” you do it.   I will appreciate and respect the unique and valuable role you play as a dad to our child(ren).

3.       I will not criticize or make embarrassing remarks about the way you parent in front of other people, especially the children.

4.       I will accept that your number one priority while spending time with a child is different than mine. I understand that your number one priority is to have fun and build a relationship with our child…not color coordinating our child(ren) or keeping the house clean.

5.       I will relinquish my role as a parent to you when necessary, find time for myself and not feel guilty.  I realize that no mom or dad can be a parent 24/7 and that it is okay to take a break from the child(ren).MrMom

6.       I will not allow other people to refer to you as “Mr. Mom” or the “babysitter” when you are caring for our child(ren).  You are our child(ren’s) dad.

7.       I will defend your role as a dad and not allow anyone, even my mother to disrespect your role as a dad.

8.       I will not ask you to show your feminine side because you don’t have one.  I understand that a man can be sensitive, nurturing and compassionate in a masculine way.

9.       I will not listen to or associate myself with other moms who criticize or talk badly about their husband’s role as a dad.

10.    I will respect your role as a dad, which means I will trust your instincts and skills as a dad and allow you to be a dad.

11.     I will place our relationship as husband and wife before my relationship with the children.  Our love for each other is the foundation of this family.  I need to nurture it as often as possible and keep the romance alive in our marriage.

12.    I will no longer take your role as a loving husband and involved dad for granted. I will love, honor and respect you everyday.

Love, Your Wife

The letter is not only a special gift for you husband but also a great gift for the child(ren). And it is a gift that keeps on giving!

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