Videos and Podcasts to Help Families Succeed

The Stepdad’s Inspiration Library is a collection of media items by -or about- dads. The Library is an ever-growing resource to help Stepdads become better informed, recharge their batteries or  develop the right dad-itude. Some of the videos are educational. Others are pure entertainment.

If you’d like to recommend an addition to the Inspiration Library email the webmaster at with a link to the video or audio source.

  • Song Video: Stepfather of the Bride

    Song Video: Stepfather of the Bride

    A Stepdad’s little girl walk down the aisle.. Song by Mike McLaughlin available on iTunes.

  • Recipe For Family Bonding: Family Movie Night

    Recipe For Family Bonding: Family Movie Night

    In the this episode Chastity tells you how to turn a simple TV night into a family tradition.

  • Stepdad’s Son Fights for Hall of Fame

    Stepdad’s Son Fights for Hall of Fame

    A forgotten figure in rock-n-roll history wasn’t forgotten by his step-son.

  • Hallmark Step Dad

    Hallmark Step Dad

    Being a dad is tough. Being a Stepdad is tougher. Trying to be both can sometimes feel impossible; until the moment it all comes together.

  • The Stepdad Tag Game

    The Stepdad Tag Game

    A new twist on an old game shows that Stepdads can be good sports- and proves that some of us actually do pay attention to our kids interests.

  • Twentyfirst Century Stepdad

    Twentyfirst Century Stepdad

    Blending families is tough. One Stepdad gives real-world advice on how to be the modern version of the best dad you can be -and help your kids become a family.

  • He Didn’t Have To Be

    He Didn’t Have To Be

    Brad Paisley honors the hard work of Stepdads everywhere with his hit song He Didn’t Have To Be.This one’s a hit with Stepdads everywhere.

  • Stepdad bonding 101

    Stepdad bonding 101

    A great opportunity missed. If the kid in your life wants to play then he wants your acceptance. Dads, don’t miss those little opportunities.

  • Step Parenting 1976

    Step Parenting 1976

    A clip from a vintage documentary on step parenting. From a step-mom perspective but deals with some of the same parenting challenges of today.

  • Just a Step Dad -Song

    Just a Step Dad -Song

    A great song written by a step son for his sister and her step dad to dance to at her wedding. If only we could get a hold of the wedding dance video…

  • Boy tries to annoy his Stepdad

    Boy tries to annoy his Stepdad

    All Stepdads have had those moments where we know our kid is trying to get a reaction. When this happens you can; a) Lose your patience, b) Walk away c) Laugh out loud. I think you’ll choose option C when as you watch this funny clip.

  • “He’s my Step Dad.”

    “He’s my Step Dad.”

    A 30-second clip that will make a smile bubble up from your heart to become part of your face. This is one of those ‘baby’s first steps’ moments, in the development of a blended family.