Finally – A Greeting Card Company for the Modern Family

Finally - A Greeting Card Company for the Modern Family

Sometimes, wonderful discoveries are made purely by accident or luck. This was the case when I discovered a line ModernFam Card-1of greeting cards designed just for blended families. Modern Family Cards is an aptly-named company that fills a huge void in the greeting card market.

Nearly half the kids in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK (as well as several other countries) have at least one step-parent in their extended family. Some step-parents are well-established in their kids’ lives. Others aren’t. But buying a card for your step child can be challenging. The wording in the average card can seem awkward. Modern Family Cards bridges that gap.

Nicole Lenord

Nicole Lenord

Nicole Lenord, launched the card line after marrying a man with two children and adding another child to the family.  “We have shared many incredible times together, traveled extensively, created our own family celebrations…” she explains. “But we have also endured some highly traumatic times as a family.” Shared memories –both good and bad- strengthen a family bond.

As time passes the modern family is beginning to look much like Lenord’s but finding a card that’s just right hasn’t gotten easier. So she launched a line of cards for families like hers. “I feel it is time for our world to better support non-nuclear families – particularly the kids – starting with a range of cards designed to share with those connected by love, not necessarily by blood.”

ModernFam Card-2aThe company is less than a year old and Lenord says she’s pleased with the response she’s gotten. “The reactions have been wonderful. The sentiments on the cards are very moving and poetic.” she says. “Receivers tear up.” Modern Family Cards is based in Australia and I immediately noticed the cards have subtle differences –primarily the word “stepmum” instead of “stepmom.” Lenord says not to let that fool you. The cards are fully international. “Each ‘mum’ version also has a ‘mom’ version…the research I conducted spanned many countries, and I recognize that this is a universe need.”

Cards are available for;

Stepbrothers & Sisters,

Step Moms & Dads, Blended Families, Foster & Surrogate Families -and several other categories.

If you’re looking for a better way to say what’s in your heart –check out Modern Family Cards. They  are currently offered online and there are cards for nearly any occasion. Lenord encourages her customers to buy several at a time to be ready for upcoming occasions and she even offers free shipping anywhere in the world on orders of $20 or more.

Lenord is preparing to launch the line in stores soon. She welcomes questions about Modern Family Cards and can be reached at [email protected].

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