1 Simple Way to Double Your Quality Time with Your Kids

1 Simple Way to Double Your Quality Time with Your Kids

In a world where we rush everywhere and seem to never have enough time to get the important things done, we lean on social media to stay connected to those we care about. But are those who depend on us most less connected to us as a result? The smart phone, the iPad and the laptop are exciting tools. They are glowing distractions we rely on every day. One -FingerWe use them to find our way. We can get directions to the movie theater, the hospital, or the top-rated burger in town. They help us in so many ways. But they also hurt us in the most important aspect of our lives -our family life!

The divorce rate is continuing to increase and more more people are going up and reporting they felt neglected as children. Families are less connected than ever. As the world becomes more more mobile, people become more isolated in their technology. Many people unwind at the end of the day with a drink. Most of us now unwind online. Our kids learn what they see. And what they see is their parents looking down at electronic devices. One simple thing we can do to improve the relationship with our spouse and our kids is limit the use of technology. A small change can make a huge difference in the harmony of your family and the happiness of your kids.

Bonding as a family is vital. Technology works against us in our desire to connect with our families.┬áTake a vow today to put your phone away when you get home. You may think that’s impossible. After-all, you need to be connected if someone needs you. Pay for a land line if you don’t already have one. Make sure the people who matter most have your home number. They’ll be able to reach you if it’s important. Your co-workers and friends will learn you aren’t available when you’re home. The people who matter most will become what’s important. Everyone else can wait. It’s a small investment that will pay a lifetime of of dividends.


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