She Talks to Her Exes -Red Flag?

She Talks to Her Exes -Red Flag?

Dear Stepdadding,

I am dating a women with 3 children, she is 31. That does not bother me but my problem is that she talks to her baby’s (three different) father’s and they do nothing for their children. She doesn’t feel it’s a problem talking to them. What should I do?


There’s a reason she has kids from three different men -and why none of them do anything for their children. She lacks self respect. Weak women attract weak me. A woman who respects herself will demand a man is committed to her before she has his child. That’s a problem for you. If she doesn’t respect herself she won’t respect the men in her life either. You already see signs of that. She’s with you but she still talks to men who left her with kids they don’t support. You don’t want the misery you’ll get from a woman this desperate for attention. She has terrible judgement and will be a bad mother and wife. Don’t walk –RUN to the nearest exit.

-The Stepdad

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