Boy, 14 steels Stepdad’s SUV

Boy, 14 steels Stepdad's SUV

ORLANDO, Fla. —  (From the ‘So you think YOUR family’s dysfunctional?’ dept.) Orlando police take down dozens of  car thieves each month. But some cases are a bit different. This week they arrested an underage boy who they said was joyriding his Stepdad’s SUV. Even worse -he was packin’ heat! A LOADED handgun with the numbers scratched off was found in the teen’s possession. This is apparently not the first problem the bewildered parents have had with the boy. When the teen appeared in court for arraignment the judge asked the parents if they wanted the boy to come home with them while awaiting trial. Their response?… ‘No thanks’.  –video of hearing available here

Parenting isn’t easy -and especially when the kids are teens -but it can always be worse. Count your blessings, Stepdads. There’s always a family that has it worse.

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