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Hi, I’m Stacey James Wheeler and I’m an expert in the study of StepdadStacey J Wheeler marriages. I’ve published two books on step parenting and my research has been featured by news organizations around the world. I started Stepdadding.com to help Stepdads and their families succeed.

Did you know Stepdads are twice as likely to ask for a divorce, compared to traditional marriages?

More than 70% of Stepdad marriages will end in divorce. In fact the odds are so bad half the bets on a roulette wheel give you a better shot at success.

Only about a quarter of these marriages will survive!

More than 60% of divorced Stepdads said they felt unappreciated and that arguments and turmoil over how to raise the kids was a key factor in their breakup. But there’s some good news. My research revealed an important fact…

Divorces happen when couples don’t have the RIGHT conversations. 

That’s right! When you know the deeper causes of the stress in your relationship you can recover and succeed. When you understand what causes couples to quit you can overcome the problems and become stronger as a couple and a family. That’s where I can help!

You see, these relationships don’t fail immediately. Failures start long before someone packs their bags and heads for the door. That’s good news. If you’re still together it’s not too late to fix what’s starting to break –even if you don’t know what’s broken.

If you’re struggling as a couple or a family I can help.  

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I’m a relationship expert, but more importantly I’ve been a Stepdad for more than fifteen years. I use that experience to help couples beat the odds.

Does your relationship need a small tune up , or does it need a major overhaul? Either way, I can help.

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